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We’re providing a better full-service pharmacy experience with an emphasis on specialty therapeutics.

Bayvrio Pharmacy

7402 N. 56th Street, Suite # 907
Tampa, FL 33617, US
Phone (813) 623-1800
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Monday—Friday 9-5 PM ET
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Bayvrio Pharmacy understands the crucial role that specialty pharmacies play in improving the health of patients and facilitating their treatment.

We are aware of the frustrating challenges that patients and doctors can face in getting medications approved and in their hands. As a full-service pharmacy dedicated to offering specialty therapeutics, Bayvrio Pharmacy provides a comprehensive range of services designed to improve the overall experience for patients and doctors. We are committed to delivering exceptional service levels that exceed your expectations.

At Bayvrio Pharmacy we…

Offer convenient medicine delivery

Streamline prior authorization process

Assist with copay management

Manage prescriptions refills

Provide clinical consultations

Other additional services
Our Technology

Technology to Re-imagine Care

Bayvrio Pharmacy utilizes our own technology to establish a higher level of efficiency in the specialty prescription industry. Our advanced transparency and real-time data allow us to provide patients with superior care without any unnecessary difficulties, stress, or exorbitant costs.

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Our Services

We prioritize patients and create a supportive path to personalized medication.

Medication Adherence

Did you know that over 50% of people who are prescribed medication for chronic conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes do not take their medications as prescribed?

Medication Synchronization

Do you ever struggle to keep track of your medication refills and find it difficult to make it to the pharmacy to collect your medications?

Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management, abbreviated as MTM, is an approach to help you manage your health conditions and medications.


Need medication but can’t make it to the pharmacy?

Pharmacist Consultation

Our Bayvrio pharmacists are dedicated to addressing your concerns by providing you with patient education and overseeing your medication therapies.

Patient Financial Assistance

Ensuring that patients can afford their medications is a top priority for us at Bayvrio.

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